Monday, March 24, 2014

Minion bathrobe

Ever since I discovered Dana's bathrobe pattern, I was hooked on making bathrobes for my kids and for making them as birthday presents.  The whole concept is genius since there are times where it's just easier to slip the robe on and keep the kiddos warm and dry.

I originally made the largest size for a friend's kid but he outgrew it so quickly.  So I did my first attempt to "hack" the pattern and make a larger version of it (approximately a size 5 for kids).  I looked up some tutorials on how to grade up; I cut up the pattern and added a few inches to make it wider and longer.  I also enlarged the arm holes and draped the hood a bit longer so I could add an eye for a minion from Despicable Me 2.

The end result ...
J modeling the bathrobe.
I used this tutorial to get an idea on how to create the eye.  I had to buy some wonder under to use on the eye and the black band.  The wonder under is paper backed fusing and made things so easy to sew onto the towel. 
The hood with the minion face on top.
J is only 3.5 years old and currently fits in the largest size (size 3-4) of the beach robe pattern.  I'll definitely use the "new" pattern to make another beach robe when he grows a little bigger. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Secret Valentine Exchange Gift

I finally received my Secret Valentine Exchange Gift from Julie!  Apparently the first gift never made it to my house and she had to make a second gift. 

 It's a fabric covered plan holder and very thought out with the convenient strap. 

I definitely like the choice of fabrics and how soft it is to the touch.

Sadly the first gift still has not shown up in the mail.  Thank you again for going through the trouble of making a second gift! 

And below is the final result of what I made for my Secret Valentine Exchange - a little pouch for Nicole of Cicely Ingleside.

Pouch sewn for my Secret Valentine
Inside fabric choice

So this concludes the first online exchange I have ever participated in.  Looking forward to more exchanges and more excuses to keep sewing.