Friday, June 27, 2014

Fabric shopping in Nagasaki

My apologies for no posts recently.  I've been preparing for a trip for work and here I am in Nagasaki, Japan.  With all the rage of Japanese fabrics and nani iro, I went out for a search to locate fabric stores.  It was nearly impossible to find anything on Google and finally started to ask the locals (with what limited Japanese I do know).  Someone suggested I check out Nishizawa.  It is located in downtown Nagasaki near the Hamanomachi Arcade.

In front of the store is the nani iro display.

The display had several bolts of material that were familiar from all the projects I've seen from the sewing blogs I follow.  Up until this point I didn't know what nani iro felt like.  The material feels so heavenly.  It's breathable and perfect for humid weather in Japan yet soft and cozy for cool SoCal  evenings.

There was an Echino display and items for sale that were made from the current line.

I saw Studio Cocoa and was curious about it.  I'll have to do some research about it at a later time.

The store had several stories that also sold fancy (and expensive) fabric, home decor lines and the type of material to make the Chinese "qi pao" dresses.


Another section sold an abundance of Japanese sewing patterns and the notions section was huge.

Throughout the store they created items using the fabric they offered and all were available for sale.  I thought it was a unique way to provide inspiration on what to do with all that beautiful fabric.

Now all I need to do is decide what I want to get and if it will fit in my suitcase on my trip back home. 


  1. Thank you for the fantastic photos and brilliant comments on the Nishizawa fabric shop - it was exactly what I was looking for :-)

    I've got a shopping list off my daughter what she wants ...

    Could you tell me please, do you know whether the store accepts credit cards and I cannot find this information. If they don't what is the best currency to pay in ? Many thanks

    Warm wishes


  2. Thank you for your brilliant photos and information on the Nishizawa fabric shop - just what I was looking for.

    I've not got a shopping list from my daughter what she wants ...

    Could you tell me please, does this store accept credit cards ? If not, what is the best currency to pay in ... many thanks - I cannot find this info on line

    warm wishes


    1. I don't recall if they take the major credit cards or not. Most places in Nagasaki are cash only (i.e. Japanese yen). I'll have to look back at my other pictures to see if I took a picture of the front of the store.