Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kids Clothes Week, Feb 2015 - Upcycled

A bit behind on this post since I immediately went on work travel right after the KCW for Feb 2015. 

So the items I upcycled all belong to my husband - one green Ruehl t-shirt and a couple pairs of boxer shorts.

For the shirt, I used Made By Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee Pattern and cut out a size 4.  Normally I would place the pattern to use existing hems but I wanted to focus on the Ruehl logo on the left side of the shirt.  For the sleeves I reused the existing hems and estimated a short sleeve length to cut out.  I also reused the collar instead of cutting out new ribbing.  The result:

The shirt was originally falling part (little holes) in back where the label is located but the rest of it was so soft and comfy.  This is the perfect type of shirt to sleep in along with a pair of PJ pants I upcycled from me.

J's new PJ set: Ruehl tshirt and Ralph Lauren flannel pants
The second item I used an Oliver and S Sunny Day Shorts pattern and made a size 2.  This was my second attempt at using this pattern and so much better than my first take at it.  The first time I tried this pattern, I accidentally cut out two of the same side and one side ended up with the hemmed seam on the wrong side after the flip.

When I initially tried them on they were too big on her.  The suggested elastic length for a 2 year old was too big on her so I had to trim it down an extra 2 inches.  These shorts are now part of W's PJ shorts rotation and have a nice loose fit so she can sleep comfortably in them.

kid's clothes week

Now it's to start preparing for the next round of Kids Clothes Week!  The next theme sounds like a lot of fun and I hope I can get all the materials prepared ahead of the time. 

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