Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Elsa" inspired dress

Well my little girl now has the Frozen bug and wants to wear an "Elsa" dress all the time.  Since I've been been cleaning out old clothes for the last several weeks, I found a shirt that could work as a new dress for W.  As a women's shirt, I had problems with the neckline and the sleeves were too long for me.

Right now she's not willing to wear any of her dresses unless it's blue.  I convinced W the neckline's rhinestones were "snowflakes" too.  I used the Skinny Tee Pattern to measure out a size 4 torso and then did an A line for the remainder of the bodice.  Instead of using the original neckline, I cut the shoulder areas narrower so both front and back pieces would overlap like a baby onesie.  The original neckline didn't have any stretch to it and i think that's how it got "pulled" over time. I wanted to make sure it would fit over W's head yet still look decent around the neckline.

I basted the modified shoulders before attaching the sleeves.  Then I stitched from the sleeves all the way down to the bottom.  By using the existing hem lines (shoulder, neck, and dress length), the dress only took a few hours to make and the result was a happy little girl.

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